Our mission at Mayneville Design Co. is to help your business succeed and thrive in the online world; from web site design/hosting to social media management and digital advertising. 

Why choose Mayneville Design Co.?

When you hire a freelance Digital Media Specialist, you’re hiring a real person…not a big brand name with big brand fees. Web services are vital for the success of small businesses and should be affordable. Small businesses can thrive with small budgets if those budget dollars are spent effectively!

“61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead.” (MicKinsey & Company)
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Our goal is to provide an individually tailored experience to our clients. The cost of each service is negotiated to suit each client’s specific business needs.


Mayneville Design Co. currently offers these services:

|Web Site Design and Hosting|

Dynamic web site design + web site hosting and monthly maintenance

|Social Media Development and Management|

Engagement with customers, fans, etc via Facebook Pages, Instagram, and Twitter

|Graphic Design|

Logo design, original content development

|Digital Marketing|

Advertising campaigns delivered via Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network


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Erin Mayne is a graduate of the Digital Media technologies program at Pueblo Community College, Associate of Applied Sciences degree.

Erin particularly enjoys web design projects because it gives her a chance to tell her client’s story in an online setting, bringing their business to life in the digital world.


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Mayneville Design Co. can be reached by phone, email, and through its social media platforms.

Phone: (719)398-0988

Hours:  9AM to 5PM (Mon-Fri)
10AM to 2PM (Saturdays)
CLOSED Sundays


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Pueblo Partnerships


Click the link below to learn more about available opportunities to partner with Mayneville Design Co. on a low-budget or no-budget basis.

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